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Admission Process

Change Of Institution

You are Expected to Choose Coal City University as your First Choice of University while siting for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Boards' (JAMB) Universal Tertiary Matriculations Examination (UTME). However, if you did not choose CCU at the initial stage, you have the opportunity to do a change of institution. This process can only be done at a Computer Based Testing (CBT) Center or any JAMB Office Nationwide. This process CANNOT and should not be done at a Cyber Cafe.

Upload Of O'Level Result

Currently, admissions are only issued to candidates whose O'Level results are available to JAMB. To ensure you don't miss the opportunity of gaining admission into Coal City University, make sure you upload your result. For the avoidance of doubt, kindly download JAMB CAPS MOBILE from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register to also monitor your admission process.

Print Out Your Original JAMB Result

This is done in CBT Centre or Jamb Office.
NOTE: You cannot submit your files without this document.

Apply To CCU

Click on Apply Now from any part of the site to go to the Portal.

Portal Flow

  • While on the Portal, click on the "Apply for a Degree Programme" link to generate an invoice for the payment of the application fee of N2,000.
  • Select your Application Type
  • Enter your JAMB Registration Number and click on Submit
  • Pay online with your ATM card (preferably Mastercard or Visa card) or you go to any bank with the RRR number and make your payment
  • Click on complete the Application Form.
  • Enter the Remita Number you paid for

Then complete the Application with the following:

  • Your receipt from the bank
  • Your O’ Level Result
  • Your O’ Level Scratch Card

Print your Application Form. Bring it to school and collect your five files

Accept & Print Admission Letter

Click Accept on your JAMB CAPS mobile App. Or go to CBT Centre, accept your admission and print your JAMB Admission Letter

Submit the documents listed below at the Admission Office

Please attach the following documents to each of your five files in the order in which they are listed.

  • Application Form
  • Qualifying Result (WASC/NECO/ND/HND)
  • Baptismal Card/Age Declaration/ Birth Certificate
  • JAMB Result Slip (ORIGINAL)
  • Admission Letters (both JAMB and CCU)
  • Acceptance Form
  • School Fees Receipt
  • Student Profile Update (Bio-data)
  • 8 (Eight) Recent passport (with your name at the back)
  • Attestation Letter (typed) from the candidate
  • Letter of Undertaking (typed) from the Parent
  • Medical Exam Certificate (DONE IN SCHOOL)
  • Health Insurance Receipt/ Certificate
  • Service Charge Receipt
  • Identity Card (I.D Card) Fee Receipt
  • Transitional Studies Programme Fee Receipt
  • University Regulation Handbooks Receipt
  • Matriculation Fee Receipt.

N.B: Please make sure the above documents are in your files before submission. Whatever you have in one file must be in the other files.

Proceed to your Faculty/Department for Registration of courses.

Portal Process Flow


Online Portal Account Verification

  • Click on the "Admission status" on this page to confirm your admission
  • Enter your JAMB REG NO and click on Submit button to view your admission status
  • Click on the link ‘Portal’ on the home page
  • Then click on “New student” and then on “Verify your Account” to generate portal login details
  • Get account details with the JAMB Registration number as the default username and password
  • Then login with your username and password
  • Click on “change password” to change your password.

Profile Details

  • Click on fill profile details.
  • Enter the required information on the field.
  • Click on Submit button to complete your profile details

Acceptance Fee Payment

  • Click on “Generate acceptance fee invoice” to generate your payment invoice
  • Print your invoice and proceed to any bank to pay using your Remita Retrieval Reference Number (RRR) code on the invoice OR simply pay with your ATM Card online
  • After successful payment in the bank, return to the portal and login with your account details to print school acceptance Letter

School Fees Payment

  • Click on the “School Fees” Main Menu and Select the sub menu "Pay School Fees"
  • Click on “Generate school fees invoice” to generate your payment invoice
  • Print your invoice and proceed to any bank for payment OR simply pay with your ATM Card online
  • After successful payment in bank, return to the portal and login with your account details to print CCU school fees e-receipt with the RRR code on the invoice.

Course Registration

  • Click on “Register courses” to register your courses online
  • Select the required ‘Session’ and ‘Semester’
  • Click on Register to select the approved courses for your department and level
  • Click on Register Button to register the selected courses and print Course Registration Slip.

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